Plant Systems and Synthetic Biology: Solutions for Global Food Security

Katherine was an invited speaker at the Plant Systems and Synthetic Biology: Solutions for Global Food Security Symposium held at North Carolina State University, Raleigh October 18th – 19th 2014. Fascinating symposium with some excellent speakers on topics including self-adjusting photosystems enhancing biofuel production in algae (Richard Sayre), extensive open source rice genomics resources (Susan McCouch), modelling of photosynthesis to predict how to enhance yield (Xinguang Zhu and Steve Long), building synthetic plant signaling systems in yeast (Jennifer Nemhauser), and strategies to study the complex root microbiome and its impact on plant health (Jeff Dangl). I spoke about our experimental and computational approaches to understanding and enhancing plant stress responses. NCSU Plant and Microbial Biology dept were wonderful hosts and what a great place to be a plant scientist/agricultural scientist!

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