Three year EPSRC PhD studentship available to start October 2015

We are looking for strong candidates with a degree in either mathematics, biology, the physical sciences, or related disciplines with a keen interest to work in an interdisciplinary environment.

Warwick Systems Biology Centre invites applications for an EPSRC 3-year funded PhD project. UK students and EU students resident in the UK for three or more years are eligible for a full award. EU students are eligible for a fees-only award. Non-EU applicants are not eligible.
Systems biology involves developing the understanding of a biological system through the mathematical and computational modelling of the interactions of components of the system, leading to the expression of this understanding in qualitative and quantitative terms. A key feature that distinguishes the modern approach to Systems Biology is the aim of linking modelling with the huge volume and diversity of contemporary cellular and molecular data such as that coming from high-throughput, genome-wide and imaging technologies. Understanding of complex biological processes will allow us to tackle many important problems and will be crucial in addressing an enormously broad range of biological and medical priorities such as disease mechanisms, pharmaceutical drug discovery, drug target validation, and horticulture and agriculture.

If you are keen to do a project in Plant Systems Biology or have questions please contact me (

If you are interested in other areas including Medical Systems Biology, Cellular Mechanics/Spatial Systems Biology, Cell Signalling: Dynamics and Function of the NF-κB Signalling System, Computational Neuroscience, Hormone Homeostasis, Parkinson’s Disease and Ageing or Machine Learning and Data Science – please contact

Application deadline is July 31st to start October 2015

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