We have made a video to accompany our recent Plant Cell paper investigating how the plant circadian clock controls daily variation in disease resistance against the economically important fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. The video also stars our collaborators from the University of Cape Town – Rob Ingle and Laura Roden showing off the view from the department balcony! – and Isabelle Carre from Warwick.


Steve Kiddle was a member of the Warwick Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre. See his blog on interdisciplinary training

A 2013 article on the Plant Wise clinics being run by ex-Denby lab graduate student Joseph Mulema.

Claire Stoker did an internship at the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP) – read some articles about her work here, here and here.  Claire did a great job and was an awesome Plant Doctor!

A GARNet community blog post highlighting our Botrytis time series paper

Watch this video to understand the approach and importance of our work identifying conserved non-coding regions in plant genomes.

See Katherine discussing her research and future of UK Plant Science.

Guest blog post on GARNet Community blog by Katherine Denby on Warwick Systems Biology Centre presence at SEB meeting 2012